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Best Bird Movies Films And Documentaries

Whether you are an energetic birder, yard bird viewer or simply like finding out about birds, you have actually pertained to the right area! There are Bird Movies films as well as documentaries on this list for everybody! I included all of my favorites; from the most effective bird documentaries to youngsters motion pictures to include length motion pictures regarding birds.

Feature Length Motion Pictures Concerning Birds:

Unfortunately, there are few bird films that have appeared in theaters. Anyone good friends with Spielberg? We need him to become a birder! Here are the bird films that I have seen as well as taken pleasure in:

A Birder’s Guide to Everything

This is an independent movie that very few people have actually seen or even become aware of, yet I highly suggest it to anybody (no matter if you’re curious about birds!).

It follows the tale of teen kids that go on a life-altering trip in search of the Labrador Duck. It’s a wonderful coming-of-age motion picture.

Intriguing Truth: Kenn Kaufmann (AKA Birding Legend) was a specialist in the film as well as even makes an appearance throughout the motion picture.

Bird Movies Films – Fly Away Home

This is an excellent family members film to enjoy with each other.

After her mama dies, a girl has to go cope with her father and it’s not going well! That’s till they are forced to embrace an orphaned group of Canada Geese.

Without their mommy, the geese have no one to show them out to migrate south for the winter. Enter the girl and also her dad that educates them to follow their small ultralight aircraft!

There is a great deal of science behind this principle, and it was the basis for exactly how a lot of “Winged Movement” (see Bird Documentary below) was filmed.

Bird Movies Films – The Big Year

With actors of celebrities such as Jack Black, Steve Martin and also Owen Wilson, The Large Year is one of the most well-known movies concerning birds and also birding in the world.

Although it really did not get the most effective ratings from film doubters and is not the funniest comedy ever made, I believe the movie is quite amusing and also a wonderful motion picture to watch with your family.

It likewise does an excellent task of clarifying what a “Large Year” is all about, which is the yearly North American competitors among birders to see who can see the most different species of birds.

This bird movie is not excellent, yet it does reveal a peek right into the birding neighborhood that no other movie has actually ever discovered!

Kids Movies Concerning Birds:

It’s never prematurely to begin sparking a passion in your child regarding birds as well as nature.

One of the very best means to order their focus is to begin playing these bird motion pictures as well as animes in your home.

Be careful. As any parent recognizes, when your child likes a flick it has the opportunity of being played loads of times. Before you understand it, you can virtually state the whole flick from memory!


An enjoyable youngsters motion picture that includes lots of attractive birds.

Rio complies with the tale as well as the experience of Blu, who is the last male Spix’s macaw and not able to fly.

The original was released in 2011 as well as was a box office hit. The sequel, Rio 2 was released in 2014 and was additionally very popular.

Happy Feet

This movie includes my preferred bird– > Penguins!

Delighted Feet was launched in 2006, and I still bear in mind most likely to the theater to enjoy it with great deals of buddies while in college.

It’s a fun kids movie. As with many movies, Robin Williams swipes the program as a singing Adelie Penguin.

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’hoole

Owls, owls and afterward more owls !!

” Tale of the Guardians” is an amusing movie and also has a darker tone to it than most youngster’s movies. The graphics of owls flying all over and also combat each other is a great deal of enjoyment. I appreciated it even as an adult!

Bird Documentaries:

This is most likely my preferred area of bird films. I like a great bird documentary or really feel an excellent tale.

These documentaries regarding birds need to do at the very least one of the complying with; inform, influence or entertain.

Take pleasure in!

The Life of Birds.

Now almost 20 years old, this 10 part docudrama is composed as well as presented by tale Sir David Attenborough. It took 3 years to make while checking out 42 various nations!

The whole collection is a look into the advancement and also routines of birds, with each episode focusing on various varieties as well as their adaptations needed to survive.

It is extremely interesting, amusing and also places most other bird docudramas to embarrassment when it pertains to learning facts and also seeing birds in their natural surroundings.

This bird movie will certainly keep you hectic for a while with almost 9 hours of web content!

The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

A docudrama that shows the bond that can create in between individuals and also birds.

This bird movie chronicles the partnership between an unemployed artist and a group of wild parrots (Cherry-headed Conjures as well as Blue-crowned Conjures).

For one reason or another, I really did not have high assumptions for this documentary however I was happily stunned. Very advised for birders and non-birders!

The Eagle Huntress

This may be the most effective bird docudrama you have actually never ever become aware of!

It follows a 13 years of age lady from Mongolia as she comes to be the initial women eagle seeker to contend in the Golden Eagle Event.

After ultimately winning the festival, she heads right into the hills (in winter) with her Golden Eagle and also dad to hunt foxes. This is when the actual examination starts!

This docudrama is remarkable and had me hooked from an initial couple of moments. I liked learning about an additional society as well as their practice of eagle hunting. It’s amusing as well as beautifully shot.

Birders: The Central Park Effect

Birders: The Central Park Impact was filmed in Central Park (New York City) as well as concentrates on individuals that see birds throughout the park.

This bird documentary does an excellent job of showing what brings in people to birding in the first place as well as the unusual obsession that can happen. It seems a lot of us birders are a bit odd, unpopular, compulsive, enjoyable, caring as well as smart.

Remarkably, it’s individuals that make this bird film enjoyable to view, not the birds.

March of the Penguins

This bird docudrama will certainly always hold a special location in my heart. It is the motion picture that aided spark my passion and appreciation of penguins.

It’s fascinating to take a look at the lives of Emperor Penguins as well as the difficulties they have to go through simply to endure as well as recreate.

I see it each year on World Penguin Day (April 25th) and also have bourbon to commemorate.

Crimson Wing – The Mystery of the Flamingo

Created by Disneynature, this bird documentary includes the enormous events of Lesser Flamingos in Tanzania.

” Crimson Wing” is an actual consideration the life and also struggles with these flamingos. Don’t be deceived that this film is associated with Disney; there are some actually depressing components! As an example, prepare yourself to see some cute baby flamingos battle …

And how come hyenas constantly get a bum rap in Disney movies?

This bird motion picture is visually stunning and attractive. I assume you will appreciate these pink birds a lot more after enjoying “The Crimson Wing.”.

Winged Migration

When it involves the best bird movies or docudramas, the “Winged Movement” is possibly one of the most well known.

Initially launched in 2003, it was fired over 4 years on 7 continents. They shot over 590 miles of film to create this 89-minute feature.

” Winged Migration” is visually stunning. The birds are intriguing and also fired from angles and perspectives that are unbelievable.

The most remarkable shots will constantly be the birds flying right beside the electronic camera. “Just how did they do that?” was my initial thought as well as right away researched.

It ends up that people raised those birds from chicks. They inscribed on the movie staff and then were trained to fly together with tiny airplanes (ultralights, paragliders).

This film is simply about the charm and awe of birds as well as birds on the trip. There is very little talking as well as don’t intend on learning anything. Simply appreciate!

I wish you were able to discover something brand-new to view.

Because let’s be straightforward.

There are not a lot of bird movies or bird films available.

It was pretty tough creating this checklist.

Please assist!

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