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I enjoy watching real-time eagle cam.

From the delight of watching a young eagle fledge, to the destructive broken heart of a shed hatchling. Each reproducing season brings enough twists and turns to equal a daytime drama. ☺

But I have found it can take a long period of time to find and also examine all the various eagle webcam links daily.

LIVE Eagle Cams From Around the World! (2020)

Bald Eagle Cam #1: Decorah, Iowa

This eagle nest rests about 56 feet high in a big White Oak tree that forgets a secluded valley in Decorah, Iowa. The nest is estimated to be seven feet broad and also 9 feet across.

The current nest is fairly new, as the old nest fell out of the tree in August 2018 None of the branches of the tree broke, so the resident Bald Eagles developed the brand-new nest in the very same place!

The male eagle is referred to as Mr. North. The woman is called Decorah North Female, or DNF for brief. She changed another woman named Mrs. North in the summer season of 2018.

Bald Eagle Cam #2: Channel Islands National Park, California

You are viewing an online eagle nest located on Santa Cruz Island, which is the largest island in Network Islands National Forest, 22 miles off the coast of southerly The golden state.

The Bald Eagles that reside on the Channel Islands are a conservation success tale. As a result of the harmful results of chemicals as well as the persecution of people, Bald Eagles were eliminated from the Network Islands by the mid-1950s.

Yet as a result of an aggressive reintroduction program between 2002 and 2006, sixty-one eagles were released back into the Channel Islands and are flourishing. If you wish to learn more, you can see a 13-minute docudrama concerning the return of the Hairless Eagle BELOW.

  • Please note that in some cases in the evening and throughout the off-season, you might be viewing “highlights” from previous years. Look at the lower left of the electronic camera to see if it says, “Livecam Highlights.”

Bald Eagle Cam #3: Catalina Island, California

Situated on the west end of Catalina Island in southern The golden state, this eagle nest gets my vote for the most gorgeous sight!

Bald Eagles were gotten rid of from Catalina Island in the 1950s because of DDT and humans yet were reintroduced by the Institute for Wildlife Studies in 1980. The nest we get the honor of enjoying over has actually been energetic given that 1991, as well as live streaming, gave that 2005!

Presently, both eagles that have actually been using this nest are Superman (male) and also Thunder (woman).

  • Please note that occasionally during the night as well as during the off-season, you might be watching “highlights” from previous years. Consider the reduced left of the electronic camera to see if it says, “Livecam Emphasizes.”

Eagle Cam #4: Fort Myers, Florida

The Southwest Florida Eagle Webcam has actually been relaying because the 2011-12 nesting season, and has actually become one of the globe’s most preferred real-time eagle webcams!

Both eagles that are presently nesting below are named Harriet (women) and M15 (man). They look really comparable, yet you can tell them apart by researching this ID guide. These eagles have been with each other considering that the 2015-16 nesting season as well as have raised several effective broods.

The Bald Eagles in southwest Florida typically lay their eggs in November, hatch in December, and the children fledge (have actually expanded sufficient plumes to leave) the nest in March.

If you have an interest in complying with updated details concerning this nest as well as its eagles, take a look at the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam blog.

Eagle Cam #5: San Bernardino National Forest, California

This eagle nest is located in the Huge Bear Valley in the San Bernardino National Forest (California). The video camera runs online 24/7 and also is totally powered by solar energy!

Situated about 120 feet high in a Jeffrey Evergreen, Jackie (women) and also Shadow (male) call this nest home. In 2018, they had their initial chick with each other called Stormy, which fledged the nest.

Eagle Cam #6: Dale Hollow Lake, Tennessee

This Hairless Eagle nest is located in north Tennessee, near to the Kentucky border, and also overlooks Dale Hollow Lake.

Both eagles presently utilizing the nest are called Obey and also River. Throughout the 2018 nesting season, they fledged THREE infants!

Regarding the task goes, you can usually anticipate seeing eggs stocked in January. Then the babies will certainly hatch out at some time in March, and also fledging takes place a couple of months later in the summer.

Bald Eagle Cam #7: Northeast Florida

The two stars of this nest electronic camera are Samson and also Gabrielle. These two eagles took control of the nest in the loss of 2019. It’s interesting to keep in mind that Samson was birthed and also increased in this nest in December 2013!

To assist identify Samson and Gabrielle, please view this PDF. Please note that A2 is the first name that was provided to Gabrielle.

The nest was first integrated in 2007 by eagles named Romeo as well as Juliet. It lies in a reduce pine tree, about 80 feet high. Romeo and Juliet were the resident eagles till 2019 and fledged 19 young with the years. In 2019, they were unfortunately driven from their nest by opponents.

The nest is now estimated to evaluate over one heap because Bald Eagles continue to add to it every year.

Eagle Cams – Outside North America

The remainder of the online nest webcams on this page are not Hairless Eagles. They are a collection of other eagle species situated worldwide!

Cam #8: White-tailed Eagles in Norway

This nest features the preferred White-tailed Eagles called Baron Blue as well as Baroness Barfoot, which reside on the island of Smøla, in the western part of Norway. This area is understood for its beautiful views, as well as for having the highest possible density of White-tailed Eagles worldwide!

Baron Blue and also Baroness Barfoot have been together because 2015 and have actually produced many young. You can expect to see eggs stocked March and also baby eagles hatching out towards the end of April. The eagles will after that generally leave the nest at some point in July.

White-tailed Eagles (Haliaeetus albicilla) are massive raptors that are widely dispersed across both Europe and also Asia. Depending upon your locality, they are also described as the White-tailed Sea Eagle, Ern (or Erne), Gray Sea Eagle, or Eurasian Sea Eagle.

White-tailed Eagles prefer living near large bodies of water as well as require high, old-growth trees or cliffs for nesting. They have a diverse diet regimen that mainly consists of fish as well as water birds. White-tailed Eagles are carefully pertaining to Bald Eagles and inhabit a comparable environment-specific niche.

Cam #9: White-tailed Eagles in Latvia

Over, you can see much more White-tailed Eagles (Haliaeetus albicilla). This nest is located in the western part of Latvia in the Durbe Area. It has actually been used as a nesting location considering that 2014.

This nest was developed high up in a spruce tree (82 feet/ 25 meters), which is an unusual tree for White-tailed Eagles to utilize. In Latvia, it has actually been found that about half of the nests are built in pine trees, a 3rd in aspen, one-tenth in birch, and the rest are combined between spruce, oak, and black alder.

You can anticipate seeing eggs laid towards the end of February/beginning of March. Incubation lasts around 38 days, and also the young eagles usually make their initial flight after concerning 2.5 months in the nest.

I love just how tough this nest seems. It appears every single time that I view, the wind is blowing incredibly hard.

Cam #10: White-bellied Sea Eagles in Australia

This specific nest lies in the Newington Nature Reserve at Sydney Olympic Park, NSW, Australia. The nest is integrated into a Broad-leafed Ironbark– a type of Eucalyptus tree– as well as is approximately 66 feet (20 meters) high. For a listing of various other Frequently Asked Questions regarding these eagles, please take a look at this link.

White-bellied Sea Eagles are opportunistic feeders and consume a wide range of food, including fish, reptiles, birds, creatures, crustaceans, and also carrion. Interestingly, when they hunt for fish, these eagles do not dive totally right into the water like an Osprey, however rather just put their legs right into the water to tweeze their target as well as barely obtain their body damp.

Given that Australia remains in the southerly hemisphere, the eagle reproducing season is the reverse of those people living in the north. White-bellied Sea Eagles usually lay their eggs each June, and then the babies hatch out about 40 days later on. Once hatched, the juveniles remain on the nest for concerning 80-90 days prior to fledging.

Cam #11: Golden Eagles in Latvia

This Golden Eagle nest lies in the forests of Latvia. Sadly, I can not find much information concerning the background of the nest or the eagles that use it.

Golden Eagles are just one of the most extensively dispersed eagles in the world. They use their dexterity, rate, sharp talons, and also effective feet to catch a variety of creatures, consisting of rabbits, marmots, and also squirrels.

These eagles build big nests high in trees or on cliffs, which they go back to for lots of reproducing seasons. Golden Eagles are monogamous and stay together for several years, and also quite perhaps permanently!

You can anticipate seeing nest task beginning in springtime as well as prolonging through the summer season.

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